Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga incorporates a balanced blend of relaxation, breathing exercises, strengthening and stretching postures, and meditation to bring about inner peace and overall flexibility and strength. Suitable for beginners and all levels. Private and groups classes are available. For a private class, please book at the link below. To join or organize a group class, please contact us for more information.

Taught by Ainsley Magno, certified Yoga Instructor featured on ROGERS TV.

Semi-Private yoga classes are available in person

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm EST

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6 group yoga classes (online): $125

60 minute private session: $78 plus taxes

20 minute Complimentary Consultation




I am so grateful to have met Ainsley when I did...

“I am so grateful to have met Ainsley when I did. I have tried Reiki once via distance with another practitioner and I found no difference. When I had my first session with Ainsley I was not in an emotionally good space. I had no clue if I was coming or going. I have now completed 4 sessions with Ainsley and I feel so at peace and I know where I stand in my life. Ainsley is so compassionate caring and attentive. I am so blessed to have found her.”

– N.M., Mississauga


I had a great experience with Ainsley...

“I had a great experience with Ainsley and Theta healing. It was a profound voyage into subconscious, full of cleansing, healing and discoveries. Ainsley was prepared, respectful, using her experience, training and intuition to help me notice and change several subconscious beliefs that were blocking me on my current path. I highly recommend Ainsley and this modality.”

-D.R., Toronto


She genuinely cares about the health and well-being of her clients...

“I have had a Reiki sessions with other Practitioners, but the session with Ainsley seemed much more unique and authentic. I feel that for Ainsley, her work is not just a business. She truly believes in what she does; she genuinely cares about the health and well-being of her clients and it shows during a session with her.”

-E.L., Etobicoke


My experience has been amazing...

“I have had ThetaHealing with Ainsley and my experience has been amazing! She is so compassionate, caring and sweet. She makes you feel very comfortable. After my sessions I felt more balanced, inspired and motivated, and I had more clarity as to what I needed to do regarding my presenting concern. It’s worth every single minute of your time!”

– Mely Em, Etobicoke


I highly recommend Theta Healing with Ainsley...

“If you’re looking for a profound and life changing experience, then I highly recommend Theta Healing with Ainsley! It’s hard to describe the magic of this service, especially coupled with Ainsley’s warm, caring personality. I experienced many breakthroughs in my life, and learned how to implement ongoing positive changes. It is a real life miracle!”

– M.K., Mississauga


100% recommended for everyone...

“Amazing atmosphere, welcoming and life changing experience! Upon entering you feel a sense of peace and acceptance. The energy of the place is captivating and the healing done is mind blowing! 100% recommended for everyone!”

– Emily Miotto, Etobicoke


Theta healing has been life changing...

“I had my 2nd session today, Theta healing has been life changing! I have discovered many blindspots and released stories about myself that were stoping me in every area of life. No more anxiety towards money, and now working on love relationships. There is this deep sense of peace and trust that you feel when you meet Ainsley. Is a non invasive therapy, just sit and relax and be present. I truly appreciated that I was free in choosing to come back or not, and not being pushed in completing X number of sessions, or had a long term “plan”, that will make me feel that there is only a monetary interest. Like in life, you give to receive.

– C.Y., Toronto


Such a powerful and deep healing experience...

“- A heightened sense of awareness – just noticing more e.g. the beauty in a child’s face, a plant, the clouds etc

– A shift in my beliefs. Plus noticing my own beliefs and definitely those of others.

– … I realize how felt work can help release and transform emotions.

– I feel at peace from deep within.

– I feel mental clarity, less fatigue.

– [Regarding a troublesome relationship]… I could tap into being love. I can FEEL her tension, her anger etc … I realize those are her issues however, not mine – and she’ll work through them at whatever pace she can/needs to.

…I must say words don’t (and will likely never) fully describe the experience! It was such a powerful and deep healing experience! Thank you :). You are amazing.”

Rynee, Brampton


Ainsley is such a beautiful soul...

“Ainsley is such a beautiful soul! Theta healing with her was so unique and such a blissful experience.”

-A.M., Mississauga


I feel so alive and at peace...

“I feel so alive and at peace! I have never felt so much drive to pursue my goals!”

– J.F., Toronto