The only way out…

It’s in getting present to where we are right now.

Our feelings and emotions are powerful forces of nature – they bring colour to our experience, they can motivate us, and they can hold us back. It’s in identifying them and being with them fully that we can connect to the internal guidance we are all looking for. Especially during the times we want to deny them.

So… if you are feeling on edge, scared, worried, anxious… then I invite you to S L O W … D O W N . Pause. Breathe. Identify what you are feeling (using an emotional wheel tool can help you with this), locate where you feel it in the body, and let it be. Give it room to breathe without trying to understand, analyze, change or fix it. Then see what happens.

Feelings come from a thought about the past or the future. Feelings can be distinguished and felt in the present moment. And the present moment is an access to freedom – not freedom from feeling pain, but freedom from the suffering that comes with it.

That may not happen right away, but with time, patience and persistence, it will. As you feel your feelings, you free up your body from unconsciously holding onto them, and you’ll discover a new found space to receive the internal guidance helping you in all matters of life.

So in summary:


The more you let yourself be and feel, the louder and clearer you will hear the guidance from within you that knows whats best for you, and will always lead you in the direction that benefits you most.

You got this! And if you need someone to help steer you in the direction you aim to go, I am here for you! Reach out anytime you need an energy tune up, a reading, a healing, or a gentle reminder that you are capable, that anything is possible, and that you are eternally supported and loved.

Love and light,