Spring: A Lovely Reminder

Spring shows us that nature has an inherent ability to adapt and thrive despite unique circumstances. Just think about how plants lean into the direction of the sun, sometimes looking as if they defy gravity just to get a little closer to the light. Think about the weeds we thought we got rid of last year, popping up in some unexpected places, like small cracks in the pavement.

That inherent ability lies within us too – it’s the same thing that intuitively brought us to life and formed the eyes we are now reading with – regardless of our conscious intent and opinion. So, let us nurture our nature within and give way to the ability to adapt within us rather than resist what’s happening to us right now. Start by being grateful for the warmer weather ahead, and spend time reflecting on what could happen if we simply let ourselves and everything be as it is, just for a moment. And then for an hour. And maybe a day. Perhaps with enough time we may just naturally and without suffering, find the light and the tiny crack to emerge from what currently feels like chaotic times.

With love,