New Years Revelations

I’ve never been much into resolutions. My brain likes to associate those words with needing to fix or change something about myself, and the thought of judging myself negatively in any way is not a fun road to travel (nor does it end up anywhere worthwhile).

The word resolution itself means a plan for something to be done, and in the media it’s typically about fitness and weight loss. That doesn’t seem like an exciting way to start the new year.

So I’m trying something new. What about New Years Revelations? Now that’s a word I can get on board with. It literally means a raising or lifting up. That is inspiring and positively motivating. How can I lift my spirits? Would would bring more joy, passion and fun to my life? I think I found my revelation.

It’s to do more things that bring me pleasure. And do more things with pleasure. So far it’s going well. Incorporating pleasure into my day to day has been simple and gratifying. It feels natural, not at all a chore or something I have to do. Surprisingly, it’s even made my regular usual daily activities (like actual chores) more enjoyable too. Maybe I’ve been approaching resolutions the wrong way all along.

Here are some things I’ve been doing so far, and some ideas for the future. Maybe you’ll find something that inspires you too.

My New Years Revelations:

1. Reading a new book – a fun, light, easy read. This one is about vampires.

2. Playing a new guitar song – I heard a comedian playing this one on acoustic and it brought me back to the days my dad would play it too.

3. Taking a new online fitness class

4. Taking my cat for a walk – or more like a slowwwww drag 😉

5. Paint/Draw/Doodle

6. Cooking with a new recipe – this is next on my list

7. Enjoying the ultimate spa bath – lots of bubbles, candles and salts included!

8. Calling an old friend

9. Making a photo collage – with real photos!

10. Continuing to write these blogs 🙂

What are your New Years Revelations?

With light and love,