Keep Moving Forward – It begins with your perspective

Start with how you perceive your goal and yourself.

When Plan A doesn’t work, there are 26 other letters in the alphabet

Most of us have that big fat hairy audacious goal that sounds like a good idea, but we often find ourselves failing at it. Maybe it’s losing that extra weight from the holidays, pushing ourselves to transition to a career we’re passionate about, or telling someone that thing that we never had the courage to say before. When we find ourselves never “making it” we lose confidence, get mad at ourselves and/or give up hope.

But what if we didn’t have to? What if blaming ourselves and scratching that goal off our list didn’t have to happen?

Imagine baking a cake. You mix the ingredients in exact quantities, pop it into the oven for a precise amount of time and voila, you have a delicious dessert (or meal ). If you change a few ingredients, shift the measurements slightly and put it in the oven for less time, you’ll create something different – perhaps a batch of cookies. A different combination of inputs equals a different output.

What if achieving your goal was like baking a Black Forest cake for the first time, without a recipe? All you need is a specific combination of plans, actions and resources to produce your desired result. Practice too is required, so you may need to bake a few cookies before getting exactly what you want. And if you do, there’s nothing to be mad at, no one to make wrong, and certainly no failure – just you as a chef learning to craft a new creation. Keep reminding yourself of this and pretty soon you’ll realize you don’t just have a Black Forest cake, you have an entire bakery to enjoy and learn from.

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