Is Your Ego Really Out to Destroy You?

What is the ego? Is it really a destructive force we need to battle in order to become a better and happier person?

In ThetaHealing, we observe the ego as a level of the mind concerned with the self’s welfare and interests. It places focus on your health, happiness and fortune. When we look at it from this perspective, we can see that the ego is actually not a bad thing – it provides value. Without it you may neglect your own basic needs, putting your well-being at risk.

What actually causes problems is when the ego becomes imbalanced, called egotism. When we become egotistical we are hyper-focused on only fulfilling our needs and are only motivated to do things that provide ourselves a benefit.

This creates varying types of behaviours, some that are easy to spot and some that are not so overt. Take for example, in a work environment, claiming all the credit in a work project (even though it was a team effort) to be favoured for a promotion or raise. Another example, in relationships, forcing or expecting the other person to change so that you can feel at ease. Perhaps even lying to them or hiding from them to avoid ‘rocking the boat’ and ‘disturbing the (your) peace’. And consider this, in conversations, do you talk about yourself and your problems, accomplishments and/or needs all the time? Dominating a person’s time and space in this way may be an indication that your ego is imbalanced.

Egotism (not ego) can truly destroy relationships. If you only care about yourself and no one else all of the time, it becomes impossible to build loving and supporting connections with others. These connections are vital to fulfilling all areas of our life – making our work, family and social experiences meaningful and pleasurable.

In ThetaHealing, rather than get rid of the ego, we understand what it is trying to provide us. Then we learn how to meet our needs without having to think and act in selfish ways that may harm others and ultimately ourselves.

Using the example of relationships and needing the other person to change, what your ego may be trying to tell you is that you need support. However you haven’t been shown how to identify what you need exactly, how to ask for it, where to get it, or how to provide it for yourself, so your ego solves this problem the only way it knows how – which is to call attention to yourself and away from others. Using the ThetaHealing technique, we retrain the mind to learn how to serve your needs, to the benefit of you and those around you.

Do you have the same recurring challenge in your life? A relationship concern that you can’t seem to find a solution for? Consider that your ego could be trying to teach you something that you simply can’t see because you haven’t been shown how. ThetaHealing can help you identify, overcome and move beyond your issue. To learn more, book a complimentary consultation or session with me today!

Love & Blessings,