Growing Through Life’s Challenges

I discovered a deeper meaning to this question and the healing it enables when I took You and The Creator, a ThetaHealing seminar created by Vianna Stibal. This was a game changer for me in my personal and professional healing. It revealed the nature of why we have challenges in our lives – to help us grow, learn, and fulfill our greatest potentials.

In ThetaHealing, we learn that if a problem in our lives persist it is because something about it is serving us. There is something it is helping us do and become that is actually positive.

Are you currently in a situation where you wonder, ‘Why me? ‘Why is this happening or keep happening to me?‘ ?

Ask yourself, ‘what could I be learning from this? How could this be helping me live a better life? Become a better version of myself?’

Often times we solve problems by creating more problems. Addictions are a great example. This includes compulsive overconsumption of alcohol, food, shopping, work, social media, gaming and video streaming. They can help distance a person from feeling uncomfortable emotions, stress and pain, but can cause a huge host of other problems like debt, isolation, anxiety, depression and other health issues.

Asking what the experience is teaching you can help you recognize that there is something essential to your well-being that you need, and that there are other ways to fill that need that are sustainable. In the example of addiction – if an addict understands they may be doing that to feel protected and accepted, they can begin to develop ways of feeling safe and loved without resorting to food, drugs, alcohol or any other compulsive addictive disorders. It can be one of the key steps to establishing new and healthier ways of living.

What if a stressful situation is trying to teach you something about yourself? Could overspending and shopping be a way to have alone time, be yourself, give back to yourself? If so, are there other ways you can give yourself the space and quiet to nourish yourself without having to spend any money?

These are the kinds of questions we find answers to in a ThetaHealing session. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, burnt out and/or confused – contact me for a session or consultation. ThetaHealing can help alleviate that unnecessary strain so you can be freed up to enjoy living.

With love,